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Questions to Ask When Considering a Lawyer or Law Firm...

What type of support system and resources do you have?

Our firm has over a half dozen lawyers who meet every week to discuss the firm's clients and cases. We have five full time secretaries, as well as paralegals and law clerks. In addition to our staff, we have immediate access to legal developments through our dedicated on-line computer research system.

I am woried about being found guilty or considering pleading guilty. What is your relationship like with the prosecutors?

The short answer is "very good." As we mentioned above, our firm has represented judges, lawyers and police officers and their children. In addition, we are referred cases from most of the major law firms in the area, as well as from firms around the state. We recognize that not every case can or should go to trial. As a consequence, we treat our adversaries with respect and that respect is usually returned. A lawyer who feels they must take every case to trial is probably missing some opportunities to save their clients both money and time.

My case seems very simple. Do I need a lawyer who can handle complex cases?

You should remember that not all simple cases stay simple. Please also keep in mind that with the constantly changing laws and escalating punishments, what were once simple matters are now very complex. For example, at one time, many general practitioners felt they could handle a simple DUI case. Today, the responsible general practice lawyer refers these cases to lawyer who concentrates in criminal cases. Many of those general practice lawyers refer clients to this firm. Your case may seem simple to you, but it is important to our firm.

Your firm is highly qualified. Does that mean your fees are higher than other lawyers?

No. Because of our size and experience, we are able to handle cases more efficiently than most small firms. We keep our fees fair and competitive and commensurate with the seriousness of the case.